How to search your McAfee Product Key?

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Losing the product key is a pretty common issue as there are so many circumstances you would definitely miss your product key. But losing your product key is never a issue with McAfee, or you have bought a new McAfee product and you are not sure where to find your product key in order to install /activate your product key. McAfee does keeps these things in knowledge and searching the product key has made pretty easy. The only condition when even McAfee can not help you is you must be the owner of the key as McAfee takes customer’s privacy very seriously.


The common reason you can’t find your product key activate

Subscription opted for Auto Renewal – Users, who are enrolled for auto-renewal of the product, generally forget to keep the product key or where they have kept it safe.

Installed on Other Device – Another common issue to not having the product key is any of your relatives or friends might have installed the product in your device to provide protection to your device, in that case, your product will be activated but you will not have the product key of the product.

Gift Product – A very common mistake people do, they forget to share the product key when they gift the product to their relatives or friends. This happens when you purchase the product online, so the product key has sent to your registered email -ID. In that case, people forget to share the product key as well.

Product from any online store – If you have bought the product from any other online store other than McAfee in that case you also wonder where to get the product key, where is the product that you have purchased.

Offline retail store purchase – Last but not the least, a very common and general mistake people do at the time of purchase McAfee product from any local retail store is they get either a CD/DVD or a box that only have a product card and they confused with the product key as there are also some other numbers written of the package/cards.

What is the product key?

To know the product key, first, you have to know how to recognize a valid McAfee product key.  A McAfee product key is consists of 25 alphanumeric digits code that something looks like this “XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX”. Now as you know the product key it is very simple you to recognize it.

Where to find McAfee product key

First, off you should always search for the product key into your mailbox. Make sure you are searching for the key in the correct mailbox, as the key has sent only to the email ID that you used to make a purchase with.

If your product has opted for auto-renewal, you can always get your product key right from your McAfee Account, under your product details you will see your product key mentioned there.

Still, if you can’t find your key, free free to contact McAfee customer support, they would love to assist you with the same. All you need to do is the details of your purchase.

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